Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves is sharing her predictions for the second double eviction of season 25.

Julie, 53, exclusively told Us Weekly that she thinks Bowie Jane is the best-positioned houseguest going into the double elimination, which will air live on CBS Thursday, October 26, at 9 p.m. ET.

“[Bowie’s] been in a great spot all season — never been nominated, no whispers of nominating her. She has floated by all these weeks. I think she and Matt [Klotz] are probably the only two who don’t have a target on their back,” Julie explained.

The television host felt less confident about competition beast Jag Bains’ chances of surviving the night since he won’t be able to compete in Thursday’s live Head of Household competition as the current HoH. Julie told Us that the live battle for the HoH title will be “kind of a memory game,” and shared who she thinks might pull out the win.

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“I’m going to say, Cirie [Fields] can win it. Cirie or Mama Fe [Felicia Cannon]. And if that’s the case, if Cirie wins, Matt is fine but Jag is not,” she said.

Julie then theorized that if Cirie, 53, wins HoH, she might nominate Matt, 27, and Jag, 25 — who have a final two alliance called “The Minute Men” — for eviction with Jag as her target.

Julie Chen Moonves Shares Her Predictions for Big Brother 25s 2nd Double Eviction

Julie Chen Moonves
Sonja Flemming/CBS

“All [Cirie] has to do is pull [Matt] aside and tell him that, ‘I’m doing this for your own good. You don’t have to get blood on your hands,’” Julie said.

During the first double eviction of the season last month, houseguests Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields were both voted out of the house and then given a chance to reenter the game as part of the “Big Brother Zombies” twist. Cameron, 34, beat Jared, 25 — who is Cirie’s son — during a three-round competition and ultimately lasted three more weeks before he was evicted again.

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This time around, the houseguests who are eliminated during the double eviction won’t get a chance at redemption. “This time, there’s no zombies,” Julie told Us. “It’s a double eviction, that’s it.”

While it’s hard to guess who Thursday’s second evictee will be without knowing the results of the HoH competition, Julie feels confident that Blue Kim will be the first person sent home. (Jag nominated Blue, 25, and America Lopez for eviction earlier this week with Blue as his intended target.)

“I think [Blue’s] going to be joining the jury house tonight. I think the writing’s on the wall there,” Julie said. While the CBS personality admitted she finds it “surprising” that Jag chose to target Blue despite Blue considering him a “bestie,” she still thinks it’s a good game move.

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“I think it’s smart because [Blue] has proven in the last couple of weeks that she can win competitions. I mean, she has endurance,” Julie said. “So, he’s doing the right thing.”

As for who Julie thinks has a chance to win the whole game, she told Us it’s “hard to say,” but ultimately settled on Cirie as her winner’s pick.

“[Big Brother] juries are emotional and no one dislikes [Cirie]. So, even if she doesn’t make a big game move and she makes it to the final two, I think she’s a very persuasive, likable speaker,” she explained. “But I do think that given the chance she would make a big move. I think she’s ready to get blood on her hands. I think she’s ready to win an HoH and make the big move and take out Jag if she can.”

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.