Asap Rocky Reaction To Rihanna Laugh Is The Next Big Meme
Karwai Tang/WireImage

With 2023 winding down, ASAP Rocky may have given a last-minute contender for “Meme of the Year,” with some help from Rihanna’s laugh.

Rocky and Rihanna, both 35, spent time in Nevada for the inaugural running of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. As Rocky spoke during an interview on Friday, November 17, something caught him by surprise. He stopped mid-sentence and listened before asking, “What the f—ck was that? What was that?”

Apparently, the mystery sound was Rihanna laughing off-camera; thus, a meme was born.

“New #gif for the people dem… do y’all thang!” wrote photographer Issa Khari on X (formerly known as Twitter), sharing the perfect addition to everyone’s reaction GIF folder. As to what Rocky was thinking, one fan joked that “he knew Lewis Hamilton was around,” referring to Rihanna’s fling with the F1 superstar.

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Mostly, fans thought Rocky’s reaction was funny. “Chile, ASAP heard Rihanna’s giggle and lost his train of thought tryna figure out who was making his woman laugh! Aww,” wrote one fan. “That video of ASAP hearing Rihanna laugh is cracking me up so bad because IKTR,” added another. Some theorized that Rocky thought Rihanna was crying at first, while others were just happy to see him stop everything and focus on his love.

During the race weekend, Rocky spoke about how he doesn’t need to collaborate with Rihanna on a song since they’ve already made something beautiful together at home. “I think we do a real great job at collaborating [by] making children,” he said.

The couple welcomed their first son, RZA, in May 2022. Rihanna revealed her second pregnancy during the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime show, and she gave birth to baby No. 2, son Riot Rose, in August.

“I think that’s our best creation so far!” joked Rocky about “collaborating” with his partner. “Nothing is better than [RZA and Riot] out there. I mean, we had a third designer come and help, a ghost designer named God, [who] shaped everything. And we had these beautiful angels, so that’s the best collaboration.”

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It may be a while until Rocky releases any music – solo or otherwise. In September, he spoke about how fatherhood became his priority. “There’s not enough hours on the clock now that I’m a dad,” he said in an interview with Vogue. “I don’t have all day to create, but it’s all in the pursuit of happiness.”