‘The View’ Cohosts Debate Latest Kate Middleton Video, Calling It a ‘Bigfoot Sighting’

Alyssa Farah Griffin, Kate Middleton, Sunny Hostin.
ABC/Jeff Lipsky; Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images; ABC/Jeff Lipsky

The View roundtable is going to need a lot more convincing about the whereabouts of Princess Kate Middleton.

After a video posted by TMZ on Monday, March 18, appeared to show Kate, 42, on a grocery outing with Prince William amid growing concern about her well-being, the cohosts of the daytime talk show remained distressed.

“It’s grainy,” cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin said during the show’s Tuesday, March 19, “Hot Topics” segment. “It’s like a Bigfoot sighting.”

Cohost Sunny Hostin, meanwhile, offered up a juicy conspiracy theory of her own.

“That’s not her,” Hostin, 55, argued. “That’s her body double. You know the royals have body doubles, y’all.”

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Hostin said she had read about the body double concept in “various places,” calling it a “security issue.”

“If you really close in on that video — which I have done, I have done some internet sleuthing myself — it’s very clear that the profile is not Kate,” Hostin continued. “And if she really did have that abdominal surgery, why is she carrying that big, heavy bag?”

‘The View’ Cohosts Debate Latest Kate Middleton Video, Calling It a ‘Bigfoot Sighting’
ABC/Lou Rocco

Farah Griffin, 34, agreed, suggesting, “When have we ever seen the princess carry a bag?”

Cohost Joy Behar piled on as well, taking aim at William, 41, for failing to adequately play his role.

“It sounds like William is not that bright,” Behar, 81, joked. “He should be carrying those bags to make it look good.”

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Hostin quickly retorted, “It’s her body double, so he doesn’t care.”

In their passionate discussion about the Princess of Wales, Farah Griffin acknowledged that the group’s intense interest in the matter might not exactly be shared by those more closely impacted by the royal family.

‘The View’ Cohosts Debate Latest Kate Middleton Video, Calling It a ‘Bigfoot Sighting’
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

“We had some British friends in the audience the other day who were stunned about how worked up Americans were about this,” Farah Griffin said. “So, I sort of wonder if the palace doesn’t realize how the other side of the pond is seeing this.”

The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg, who criticized her coworkers for “buying into” conspiracy theories about Kate during a March 13 discussion on the show, attempted to prove her point yet again.

“I did try to explain to you that this is not something they’re worried about over in London,” Goldberg, 68, said exasperatedly. “They’re not worried about it. We’re the only ones who do this.”

When Behar questioned, “Why are they not worried?” Goldberg had a succinct response for the up-in-arms panel.

“Because they know where she is!” Goldberg exclaimed.