Onlooker Slams Theories About the Kate Middleton Video He Took
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The man who filmed Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William’s recent outing is speaking out against the theories questioning his video’s authenticity.

“I’m not so much shocked that these comments have continued, I’m just confused how exactly they can continue,” Nelson Silva told The Sun on Tuesday, March 19. “This is a video clearly showing her and William. I saw them with my own eyes. It was a completely relaxed situation.”

Silva was at the Windsor Farm Shop the same day Kate, 42, and William, 41, had their public outing on Monday, March 18. It was the first time the Princess of Wales had been spotted outside of a car since she underwent abdominal surgery earlier this year. Silva filmed the royals walking through the market and the clip has since gone viral amid conspiracy theories about the royal.

“I had about 40 minutes to kill and decided to get some produce. I went into the shop and at first I noticed their figures, they were standing near the bread,” he recalled. “Then I saw Kate turn her head slightly, I was like, ‘Oh, I know her.’ They went to the meat section and I was [standing] behind them. They were talking to staff and laughing.”

Since the video went viral, some online users have continued their chatter about what’s going on with Kate, which was surprising to Silva.

“People across the pond are invested, and they must never have laid eyes on Kate in real life. But all these people in the U.K. too, they say it’s not her, that is it a fake person,” he said. “Well, I can tell you it is not. Are they now going to question if I’m a real person as well? Are they going to say I made this video? Did I put a fake Kate there? It is ridiculous.”

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Silva explained before seeing the couple in real life, he was unaware of the controversy regarding Kate and her wellbeing. He explained he snapped the video at the market to share with his family in Portugal, and they made him aware of the current royal drama.

“My family sent screenshots of the rumors. I couldn’t believe how delusional people can be,” he explained. “On Monday my colleague said, ‘Do you realize that video could debunk all the rumors if it was put out there?’”

After realizing that he had proof that Kate appeared alright, Silva decided to share the clip with the world, hoping to put the rumors to rest. However, that was seemingly not the case.

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“What more do you need to lay off her? I thought after this was released they’d go quiet. But these people are so invested in the drama now,” he said. “They’ve put so much time and energy into these rumors and lies that they can’t pull the plug.”

Silva shared that he feels bad for Kate and William amid the discourse of her health noting that the royals are just regular people.

“I feel for Kate, after I saw her, it really hit me that, look, these are just two human beings,” he said. “This is a mother who has had an operation and people should not be speaking about her in this manner.”