Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green Compares New Boyfriend Gaston Rojas and Ex Shep Rose

Taylor Ann Green, Shep Rose.
Stephanie Diani/Bravo(2)

Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green has noticed several differences between new boyfriend Gaston Rojas and her ex Shep Rose — and she’s not afraid to spill the tea.

“I think it goes back to [Gaston being] really caring, like, listening … and being invested in my life, even if it seems silly,” Green, 29, said on the Thursday, January 25, episode of the“Viall Files” podcast. “Like, I overthink everything and [Gaston is] like, ‘Stop overthinking.’ I never really had these deep conversations with Shep.”

Green, who has been dating Rojas for “four [or] five months,” noted that Rose, 44, was never willing to have discussions about her emotional state. (Green and Rose dated for two years before they split in July 2022.)

“I was like, ‘I’m going through something, and I really need your advice on this. What do you think?’ And he’d be like, ‘Well, I don’t get it. What are you talking about? It doesn’t matter,’” she recalled of her past interactions with Rose. “He doesn’t like drama. I’m, like, it’s funny that you don’t like drama yet your whole job in life [on Southern Charm] is drama.”

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Green added that he’s equally considerate in other areas.

“Yes, he’s a great lover,” Green gushed after Natalie Joy, the fiancée of host Nick Viall, asked if she’s been pleased “more than five times” after sex, a jab at Rose.

Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green Compares New Boyfriend Gaston Rojas and Ex Shep Rose

“Yes, [I’m] very happy,” Green replied.

Green had previously called out Rose on Southern Charm, claiming that she would rarely be satisfied after they got intimate.

“That was not an intentional jab,” Green said on Thursday. “He was like, ‘Stop saying that!’ I was like, ‘I’m not trying to jab at you, I was asking a question.’ He was like, ‘Stop telling people I’m bad. I never said, ‘You’re bad.’ I didn’t mean [that]. I didn’t say I hated every second, I still had a great time. It just doesn’t mean that I was fully satisfied, whatever. It doesn’t mean I was hating my life.”

Green has since happily moved on with Rojas, whom she met through her “best friend” and Southern Hospitality star TJ Dinch.

“[Gaston] kinda took TJ in because TJ was looking for a place to live and he had an extra bedroom, so he was like, ‘Come live with me.’ And it’s been going really well,” she said. “They love living together. So, that’s kinda how I got introduced to him.”

Green further noted that their relationship is “going really great,” though they are “still learning each other’s quirks.”

“I just love how he for the longest time would just listen to me. I finally was like, ‘Do you have any response? Or do you not care?’ And he was like, ‘Oh, I have a lot of things to say, I just listen to you because I’m letting you get all these things out. Do you want to hear my opinion?’” she gushed. “When he finally was actually talking to me not just as boyfriend-girlfriend but as a friend and a comrade, I was like, ‘I really appreciate you. Like you actually care about me, you’re not just listening to your girlfriend. You’re listening but you have things to say but you’re trying to respect my space of being open.’”