9 1 1 Star Peter Krause Jokingly Claims Taylor Swift Wrote TTPD Song Peter About Him 207
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Peter Krause, welcome to the hallowed halls of the Tortured Poets Department.

Taylor Swift, 34, dropped her 11th studio album on Friday, April 19, with 31 songs including one succinctly titled “Peter.” Krause, 58, jokingly reacted to the track in an online video circulating on social media.

“I can’t believe she wrote this about me,” the 9-1-1 actor quipped while reading the song’s lyrics aloud. “Well, you know, it’s all this stuff about being a scene-stealer.”

Swift’s song “Peter” was cowritten with Aaron Dessner and appears on the second half of her TTPD double album.

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“Forgive me, Peter / My lost fearless leader / In closets like cedar / Preserved from when we were just kids,” Swift sings. “Is it somethin’ I did? / The goddess of timing / Once found us beguiling / She said she was trying. Peter, was she lying? / My ribs get the feeling she did.”

She continues in the chorus, “You said you were gonna grow up / Then you were gonna come find me / Said you were gonna grow up / Thеn you were gonna come find mе  …Words from the mouths of babes/ Promises oceans deep / But never to keep.”

While Swift has not shared her lyrical inspiration, it has been presumed that “Peter” is based on J.M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan which notably inspired the Disney movie of the same name. Her “lost fearless leader” line could be referring to Peter Pan’s band of lost boys with “you were gonna grow up” corresponding to the character wanting to remain youthful forever.

Swift previously mentioned Peter Pan in her 2020 song “Cardigan,” singing, “Tried to change the ending / Peter losing Wendy, I knew you / Leavin’ like a father / Running like water, I / And when you are young, they assume you know nothing.”

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In a “Making of ‘Cardigan’” for YouTube’s Vevo, Swift detailed her songwriting process and the inspiration for her lyrics. (“Cardigan” was also produced by Dessner, 48.)

“Taylor developed intentional character arcs and recurring themes across the songs that hap out who is singing about whom,” a footnote reads, connecting “Cardigan” to her teenage love triangle starring the fictional James, Betty and August. “It’s like this one even happened in their town and it affected them each differently.”

She added at the time, “I was inspired by the feeling of isolation and how it can either be freeing or terrifying and how it causes you to reminisce on the past.”

While “Cardigan,” a Folklore track, tells the story of a fictional breakup, The Tortured Poets Department is seemingly inspired by Swift’s real life. Many of the LP’s songs were inspired by her respective splits from Joe Alwyn, whom she dated between 2016 and 2023, and Matty Healy, her brief fling the following spring. There’s even two or three tracks that point to her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

“This period of the author’s life is now over, the chapter closed and boarded up,” Swift wrote via Instagram on Friday. “There is nothing to avenge, no scores to settle once wounds have healed.”

The Tortured Poets Department is out now.