Kim Fields Says She Wants to Be a National Geographic Explorer
Nathalie Gordon

Kim Fields loves to be out in nature and has high hopes of becoming an “official” National Geographic explorer.

“I am a huge fan of exploration, adventure and all things NatGeo,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, 54, exclusively told Us Weekly’s 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me. “I love to hike and swim.”

In addition to being outdoors, Fields loves showbiz and recently directed an episode of the new NBC sitcom Extended Family, which aired on March 12. The first season — which will conclude when the finale airs on NBC Tuesday, March 26 at 8:30 p.m. ET. — follows a couple (Jon Cryer and Abigail Spencer) as they navigate life after divorce while raising their two kids.

“I enjoy the show very much. I was a fan of the show when they first sent me the pilot,” Fields told Blavity in a March interview. “I’m a big Mike O’Malley fan, who created the show, and of course, a big fan of Jon Cryer, Donald Faison and Abigail. So, it’s just a lot of boxes that [were] already checked for me in terms of the people that I would be working with.”

Scroll down to learn 25 things fans might not know about Fields:

1. I directed an episode of Extended Family.

Kim Fields Says She Wants to Be a National Geographic Explorer

(L-R) Abigail Spencer as Julia, Jon Cryer as Jim in ‘Extended Family’
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

2. Harlem is my hometown and my heart.

3. I am a HUGE Michael McDonald fan – yacht rock is my jam!

4. Don’t talk to me until I’m caffeinated.

5. I am a huge fan of exploration, adventure and all things NatGeo.

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6. I want to be an official National Geographic explorer.

7. I love swinging … on a swing!

8. Tropic Thunder is one of my fave movies.

9. Jodie Foster was and is a major inspiration for me.

10. I adore pedicures. Manis, not so much.

11. I love to paint.

12. I don’t know how to paint.

13. I own a violin.

14. I plan on taking violin lessons.

15. French will be my second language someday.

16. I love maps, especially vintage ones.

17. I could sit by a cozy fire 365 [days a year.]

18. I take tango lessons to compete someday.

19. I’ve binged The Diplomat more than any show ever (approx. 23 times.)

20. I love political spy thriller novels.

21. Slipper socks and stilettos are my fave footwear.

22. I love to hike and swim.

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23. I cried when I met Kenny Loggins.

24. I nearly passed out while getting my tattoo on the back of my neck.

25. I first met Ludacris in South Africa in the Mandela home museum then went to his concert. Imagine walking through there and seeing Luda in the hallway?!