Gerry Turner Says He and Ex Leslie Fhima Have 'Patched Things Up' After 'Golden Bachelor' Split

Gerry Turner, Leslie Fhima.
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Gerry Turner and Leslie Fhima have “patched things up” after their emotional Golden Bachelor breakup.

“We were able to hug and say, ‘OK, what has happened is in the past and so forth,’” Gerry, 72, shared on the Thursday, January 25, episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast. His wife, Theresa Nist, revealed that she and Leslie, 65, talked before The Golden Wedding as well.

In fact, Theresa, 70, invited Leslie to the wedding.

“I was asked specifically, would I mind if [Leslie] went [to the wedding]. I said, ‘Of course not,’” Theresa recalled on Thursday’s podcast, explaining that she wanted “all the women” to be there. “I said, ‘I want to invite her.’ We were really good friends, I love her.”

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Leslie made it to the Golden Bachelor finale as one of Gerry’s final two contestants. During the November 2023 episode, Leslie declared her feelings for Gerry, who admitted to having stronger feelings for Theresa. After the finale aired, Gerry apologized for blindsiding Leslie with their breakup, and it seems things between them are in a good place.

Gerry Turner Says He and Ex Leslie Fhima Have 'Patched Things Up' After 'Golden Bachelor' Split
Disney/John Fleenor

When attending The Golden Wedding in Palm Springs, Leslie shared her love for the happy couple.

“We supported each other throughout the whole time in the house, and all the way through this journey,” Leslie said of Theresa during the live Golden Wedding broadcast. “And I am so, so happy for her and Gerry. I really am. And I am here at the end of the day to support love in any way.”

Further discussing their wedding ceremony during Thursday’s podcast, Gerry and Theresa agreed that having all the Golden Bachelor women at The Golden Wedding, which took place on January 4, “added” to the experience.

“There’s so much warmth and camaraderie amongst us, it just added to really how warm the ceremony was, which was what we wanted,” Theresa said. “All people who were there [had] good hearts and intentions.”

That being said, Gerry did think it was “friggin’ weird,” in part, to see all his exes watching his wedding.

Gerry Turner Says He and Ex Leslie Fhima Have 'Patched Things Up' After 'Golden Bachelor' Split
Disney/John & Joseph Photography

“For some reason, I’m able to pick out those faces in the crowd much more easily than any of the others,” he said during the “Almost Famous” podcast. “Fortunately, I really kept good friendships with pretty much all of those women, so it really wasn’t as awkward as it could have been.”

Aside from Leslie, the former Golden Bachelor star went on to say that he’s still “really friendly” with Faith Martin and Joan Vassos, among others.

“It really, kind of, furthers the atmosphere and the culture from the show,” Gerry said about their friendships.