Bachelor Nation’s Greg Grippo Hilariously Pranks Victoria Fuller With a Fake Phone Call: ‘WTF?’
Courtesy of Greg Grippo/TikTok; Courtesy of Greg Grippo/Instagram

Bachelor Nation’s Greg Grippo pranked Victoria Fuller — again — with a fake phone call.

Grippo, 30 — who appeared on Katie Thurston’s season 17 of The Bachelorette — took to TikTok to share his latest practical joke on Fuller, 29 — who was on Peter Weber’s season 24 of The Bachelor — on Thursday, October 5. In the video, he pretended to flirt with an imaginary woman on a fake phone call. To make it even more believable, he played a fake ring tone while acting like he was answering the call.

“What’s up girl? How you doin’?” he said into the phone. Fuller immediately gave him a side eye imitating him and murmured, “What the f—k?”

Gripppo kept acting and continued the phony phone call. “No, I’m just chilling,” he said while she continued to imitate him.

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He then pretended like the girl in the background was asking who Fuller was.“No, don’t worry about it. That’s just my homegirl … We could chill when we get back. We could chill,” Grippo said.

Fuller rolled her eyes at him while he joked into the phone, “Chill, chill, chill, I told you not to bring that up!” She then gave him another side eye and chuckled to herself. Grippo gave up on the prank and told her, “I’m joking, I’m not on the phone,” while hysterically laughing.

She made sassy faces at him while pretending to giggle too.

Bachelor Nation’s Greg Grippo Hilariously Pranks Victoria Fuller With a Fake Phone Call: ‘WTF?’

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller.
Courtesy of Greg Grippo/TikTok

“Lolol,” he captioned the post. Celebrity friends and fans were quick to laugh with Grippo in his comments section.

Bachelor Nation’s Andrew Spencer — who also starred on Thurston’s season — joked, “‘I told you not to bring that up’ has me weak.” A second fan added, “Victoria pretending to be on her phone while she hangs on every word is so me HAHAHA” as a third brought up his previous prank on Fuller, “I still can’t get over when he sent himself a drink and had the waiter tell them a girl sent him that drink.”

The social media follower was referring to the couple’s trip to Italy. At the time, he told a waiter to bring him a drink and tell Fuller that it was from another woman. When the shot arrived, she asked who the woman was and told Grippo, ““Imagine if a guy sent me a f—king shot. You’d be pissed. You’d be livid.”

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Before he told her the truth, Fuller took the shot herself and looked around while sarcastically saying, “Whoever sent this thanks … Yeah. F—k you.”

Grippo and Fuller have been dating since October 2022.