Morgan Evans released a “heavy” new song in the wake of his split from Kelsea Ballerini — and some fans think it sounds a lot like one of his ex’s hits.

Evans, 38, shared a video of himself performing the song — titled “Tequila Man” — acoustically via TikTok on Tuesday, July 18. In the caption, he hinted that the tune was inspired by “some heavy stuff I think a lot of people go through but never talk aboit [sic].”

In the footage, Evans strums his guitar as he somberly croons, “Felt like my whole life just turned to hell / She told me that there was somebody else / Going on a year or two / She just had to tell the truth.”

He continues: “I took off my ring and took off out the drive / With a wave of hurt and rage across my mind / I guess I followed my heart [and] wound up in this bar.”

Evans asks for a drink in the chorus, singing, “I’ll take a tequila, man / Pour one up tall and strong as you can / One that might just make me forget everything / Fill me up again with tequila, man.”

While plenty of fans praised Evans’ songwriting in the comments section — with one noting they hoped his “heart is healing” post-divorce — others claimed the melody sounded familiar. “Why does the beginning sound like leave me again,” one user asked, referring to a ballad released by Ballerini, 29, earlier this year.

Morgan Evans' New Song Sounds Eerily Similar to Kelsea Ballerini's Breakup Anthem

Morgan Evans
Courtesy of Morgan Evans/TikTok

Another viewer teased, “And I hooooope IIIII never leeeeeeave me again – me singing along.”

Ballerini and Evans were married for nearly five years before announcing their split in August 2022. “This deeply difficult decision is the result of a journey of love, growth, and effort that ultimately has come to an end. It’s hard to find the words here … but I feel extremely grateful for the years of marriage to Morgan and hopeful for the next seasons,” Ballerini wrote via her Instagram Story at the time.

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In a statement of his own, Evans hinted that the decision to call it quits may not have been mutual. “I am very sad to confirm that after almost 5 years of marriage, Kelsea and I are parting ways,” he wrote via his Instagram Story. “I wish it were otherwise but sadly it is not.”

As the pair’s divorce sent shockwaves through the country music scene, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that the singers “had no choice but to officially separate” after previously taking a break “privately.” The insider added that Ballerini and Evans were “working on their marriage for many years” and went to therapy before their split.

Ballerini filed for divorce in August 2022, and the twosome reached a settlement three months later. After moving on with boyfriend Chase Stokes, Ballerini released an emotional EP on Valentine’s Day that delved deeper into her breakup.

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“Leave Me Again” — the final song on the record — describes her wishes for her and her ex-husband in their new chapter. “I hope when I see you that you smile / I hope that you find somebody new / I hope that you get the house, and the good wife, and the kids / And I hope I never leave me again,” she sings.

Evans previously released a song inspired by the duo’s divorce last fall titled “Over for You.” During a February interview on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Ballerini confessed that she felt “really used” after hearing the song.

“I felt like it was really opportunistic for him to put that out when he did — when we were still going through the legalities of getting divorced. … His healing journey is his healing journey and I respect that,” she said. “But publicly exploiting it feels a little nasty to me — before it [was] final.”

At the time, Ballerini revealed that she and Evans hadn’t been in touch since they broke up. “Who you marry is not who you divorce. … And I have grace, I really do, because I do know that he was hurt and is hurt,” she added. “But how was I married to this person for so long and I had no idea that that bit of character was tucked within that human being? That’s what’s hard for me.”