Love Is Blind's Sarah Ann Says She 'Couldn't Be Happier' After Season 6 Love Triangle

Sarah Ann and Jeramey Lutinski.
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Love Is Blind season 6 star Sarah Ann is doing well despite being accused of having an affair with costar Jeramey Lutinski.

“I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going in my life, my career and on Love Is Blind,” Sarah Ann, 30, wrote via Instagram Story on Wednesday, February 21. “There is so much more to come. Thank you for all the comments.”

Sarah Ann, a Charlotte-based customer support manager, appeared on season 6 of the Netflix dating experiment. Throughout her time in the pods, she bonded with Jeramey, 32, who ultimately broke up with her in pursuit of Laura Dadisman.

After Jeramey and Laura, 34, returned to North Carolina from their post-engagement vacation, she accused him of hooking up with Sarah.

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“You left at 10:45 [p.m.] and were out ‘till 5-something in the f—king morning,” Laura, said during the ninth episode, which began streaming on Wednesday. “The bars close at 2. What were you doing until 5:00 in the morning? I don’t see why you can’t just answer the question.”

Jeramey told Laura that he was planning to go to a karaoke bar with some friends from the Love Is Blind pods, but the “location changed” at the last minute. The group reconvened at local bar Lost and Found, where Sarah Ann was “out here” already.

Love Is Blind's Sarah Ann Says She 'Couldn't Be Happier' After Season 6 Love Triangle

Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann on ‘Love Is Blind.’
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“I directly was like, ‘I’m probably gonna turn around and was like, No, I’m not gonna let somebody else dictate what I do,’” Jeramey explained. “Went there, she comes over to me and is like, ‘Hi, Jeramey,’ hugs me, walks away. I’m like, ‘What was that?’ Then I found out that she’s upset about a lot of things.”

Jeramey further noted that he did not want to “drag things out and make it worse” and decided to give Sarah Ann closure about their pod breakup.

“We hung back and we talked about things,” he stressed to Laura, noting they were just speaking until 5:00 a.m. the next morning.

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Laura then claimed that he has yet to “shut this s—t” down because Jeramey had followed Sarah Ann on Instagram and responded to her direct message several weeks earlier.

“I understand how that can look. I understand how that can come across,” Jeramey replied. “As an extra layer of reassurance, like, I shared my location with you just so you know exactly where I was at.”

Love Is Blind's Sarah Ann Says She 'Couldn't Be Happier' After Season 6 Love Triangle

Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman.
Courtesy of Netflix

After Laura found out that Jeramey and Sarah Ann were hanging out “in the parking lot” instead of inside the bar, she speculated that they hooked up. Neither Jeramey nor Sarah Ann have directly responded to the cheating allegations.

“Don’t share your f—king location if you don’t want me to check it at 5 a.m.,” Laura said. “You weren’t even in South End, you were north of Uptown, which is where Sarah Ann lives. I literally knew. … I don’t have anything else to say. I want out.”

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Jeramey, Laura and Sarah Ann will reunite at the cast’s lake party in the next episode, which hits Netflix on Wednesday, February 28. In a sneak peek, Sarah Ann hinted to costar Amber Desiree “AD” Smith that Jeramey had reassured her that he was “breaking everything off” with Laura.

The alleged cheating scandal led several viewers to send Sarah Ann death threats.

“I’m going to give this one a little bit of light. Mental illness is real,” Sarah Ann wrote via Instagram Story on Wednesday, reposting a hateful message she received. “Imagine watching a TV show & thinking you know someone or know the full story, And you are so unappreciated in your life that you wish death upon another human.”

She continued: “That’s so sad. I hope you get the help you need, friend. I hope y’all keep watching.”

Love Is Blind season 6 is currently streaming. New episodes drop weekly.