Everything to Know About Mindy Kalings New Basketball Series Cast Summary and More

Mindy Kaling.
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Mindy Kaling, who’s known to bring the laughs on screen, is adding another series to her resume.

The 10-episode Netflix comedy series, which has yet to be named, will be executive produced by Kaling and Kate Hudson, who will also star in the show. (Kaling has previously served as an executive producer on several other series, namely The Sex Lives of College Girls and Never Have I Ever.)

The show will follow Isla (Hudson) who becomes president of the Los Angeles Waves professional basketball team after her brother resigns from the position. Isla must prove to her family, the board and the sports community that she’s the right fit to lead the franchise.

The series is inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office, per Deadline.

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What Is Mindy Kaling’s New Basketball Series About?

The official summary for the series was released by Netflix in February 2024.

“Isla, the only sister in a family of brothers, is ambitious and often overlooked. But when her brother is forced to resign from his position as president of the Los Angeles Waves, she’s appointed in his place. Now that she’s stepping up into the family business, she’s going to have to prove to her skeptical brothers, the board, and the larger sports community that she was the right choice for the job. Over the course of the series, she sets out to do just that — especially in the unpredictable, male-dominated world of sports,” it reads.

Everything to Know About Mindy Kalings New Basketball Series Cast Summary and More

Kate Hudson, Chet Hanks, Brenda Song.
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Who’s Starring in Mindy Kaling’s New Basketball Series?

The series will feature a star-studded cast, including Hudson. Drew Tarver will portray Sandy Gordon, “the chief financial officer of the Waves who thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room — and is often right,” per Netflix.

Scott MacArthur will also star as Ness Gordon, the “emotionally sensitive general manager” who “has an infectious enthusiasm for ideas both good and bad.” The character was a former player who “burned out after one season in the pros” and now has a desire for “greatness” in the front office.

Brenda Song was cast as Ali Lee, the Waves’ chief of staff, who makes “even the biggest guy on the team” afraid of her. Fabrizio Guido, Toby Sandeman, Chet Hanks, Keyla Monterroso Mejia and Roberto Sanchez have been cast as Waves players, employees and those in their orbit.

Who’s Involved With Mindy Kaling’s New Basketball Series?

Aside from Kaling, Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen are writers and executive producers. Lakers president and co-owner Jeanie Buss and the team’s manager of special projects Linda Rambis are executive producers alongside Hudson and Howard Klein. Jordan Rambis is a producer.

When Will Mindy Kaling’s New Basketball Series Be Released?

The series has yet to announce a release date.