Nikki Glaser Says She Paid $25K for 9 Eras Tour Concert Tickets Instead of Freezing Her Eggs
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Nikki Glaser is not afraid to admit where her priorities are. The FBoy Island host revealed she paid $25,000 for tickets to nine different Eras Tour concerts to see Taylor Swift instead of freezing her eggs.

“I just want to say that it was a conscious decision,” Glaser, 39, said during an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday, October 23. “I’ve been to nine eras tour shows this year. When I’m not on tour, I just go to her tour. It just fills my life up with so much joy.”

The comedian said not having any children to pay for factored into her equation of spending money on the concerts.

“I kind of did the math and I’m like ‘If I had kids I’d be paying for like dance camp and swim lessons,’” she said. “I should just use all this money. And I was going to freeze my eggs in January and that’s, like, about how much it costs. And then I just decided not to freeze them, I decided to burn them.”

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“So you saved a lot of money,” Kelly Clarkson replied.

“Yeah, exactly,” Glaser said. “You know what? I’m going to take that chunk of money that I was going to use to do that and I’m just going to have a really fun summer. So I went buck wild and it was so fun.”

Nikki Glaser Says She Paid $25K for 9 Eras Tour Concert Tickets Instead of Freezing Her Eggs
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Glaser also hilariously revealed that she follows an account on social media that lists the clothes Swift, 33, wears. (Glaser shared with Us Weekly in July 2022 that she owns “upward of 25” Swift shirts.)

She told Clarkson, 41, that everything listed “under a certain price point” on the fan account she purchases — including one of Swift’s phone cases. “I remember at one point I was filming her and I could see her kind of look and go, ‘Is that my phone?’” Glaser said.

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Glaser is hardly the only celebrity who has enjoyed a night out at the Eras Tour. Stars including Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara and Channing Tatum have been spotted dressing up and singing along to Swift’s lengthy shows, which feature 44 songs across nine of her 10 albums.

Now that the U.S. leg of the tour has come to a close, several famous faces have been seen attending the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie. Beyonce, Maren Morris and Mariska Hargitay were all seen strutting the red carpet for the premiere.

Nikki Glaser Says She Paid $25K for 9 Eras Tour Concert Tickets Instead of Freezing Her Eggs
Alberto E.Rodriguez/Getty Images

When Us recently caught up with Glaser, it was a no-brainer to ask her whether she would label Swift’s new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, as a “FBoy” in honor of the reality show she hosts and her love for Swift.

“I’ve got to say FBoy … that can be reformed and is about to be reformed,” Glaser told Us. “He’s a hot athlete, one of the best athletes out there, and he is [34].”

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Glaser added that she thinks Swift can “reform” Kelce, and that he’s already “softening the way I see FBoys soften.”

“The thing I like about Travis Kelce is that he really knows what a prize she is. … Travis seems to get it,” she said. “The other guys are kind of just like, ‘Yeah, Taylor Swift, whatever.’ … Like, you’re not dying that you’re dating the hottest, coolest, most talented person alive? And he seems to get it. And I love that. And I think that shows growth on her part too, to be attracted to someone like that.”