What Chris Harrison Said to Peter Weber that Completely Destroyed Him Before Hannah Ann Proposal 136

Chris Harrison, Peter Weber, Hannah Ann.
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Peter Weber is opening up about what former Bachelor host Chris Harrison said that shook him up before proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss on the season 24 finale.

“You wanna know the hardest part I went through [on the show]?” Weber, 32, asked Harrison, 52, on the Monday, April 22, episode of his “The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever” podcast. “Where I was ready to concede, like, I have nothing left to give, strength is gone? [It] was the finale day, when we’re out at that really beautiful setup for the engagement. We drove for, like, an hour in the middle of nowhere [in Australia] to get there.”

When Harrison interjected that Weber was “a mess” by the time he came in, Weber agreed but noted that it was what Harrison told him at that moment that “completely destroyed” him.

“I know it was good TV, they used it to open up the season,” he continued. “But … You told me that Hannah Ann doesn’t know if she even wants to show up. Doesn’t know if she wants to come.”

Acknowledging that he can “be so brutally honest now” that enough time has passed, the pilot explained, “There was pressure. I shouldn’t have proposed to Hannah Ann, like, I can honestly say that. I got all caught up in it, for sure.”

He added, “But when you were saying that to me – in my mind, I’m battling so much here of, ‘Is this the right thing to do? I feel so much pressure, I’m stressed out of my mind, I’m exhausted, you know, what am I supposed to do here?’ And then you told me that line about how she doesn’t even know if she wants to come now at this point, and that’s when I left. I think I almost passed out. You guys had to take me to one of the houses to just lay in the bed because it was so hot outside as well.”

Weber then asked Harrison if the dramatic moment was just “for TV” or if she “actually” told him that, to which Harrison admitted, “No. 1, she did not tell me. I did not talk to her. A producer would never allow me to talk to her.”

Weber proposed to Hannah Ann just before Thanksgiving in 2019; however, she said that by the start of the following January – around the time Weber’s season premiered – he needed to talk to fellow contestant Hannah Brown “because he needed closure.”

What Chris Harrison Said to Peter Weber that Completely Destroyed Him Before Hannah Ann Proposal 135

Less than one month later, Hannah Ann revealed that she and Weber chatted the morning before they filmed their breakup. “We talked that morning [and said] that we weren’t going to break up — we were going to work through it,” she explained.

Hours later, they pulled the plug on their relationship.

“All I’ve ever asked for is someone to give me their whole heart like I’m giving to them,” Hannah Ann told Weber during the finale episode. “You took away from me my first engagement. You took that away from me because I trusted you, and that’s what you continued to ask me to do.”

Though he gave his romance with runner-up Madison Prewitt another shot, the couple split days later. Weber went on to date season 24 contestant Kelley Flanagan, who was eliminated before the hometown visits, on and off from 2020 to 2023.

Hannah Ann moved on with NFL star Jake Funk, and the pair went public with their romance in February 2022. Funk, 26, popped the question to the reality personality in January 2023.

While speaking exclusively to Us Weekly in April 2022, Hannah Ann opened up about why she kept their romance under wraps at first.

“I wanted to wait to share [our relationship] with everyone because it was our decision,” she told Us. “We’re very private and, you know, that just seems to be the best for us right now. With my past, things have been public and nothing really necessarily good has come from it, in my opinion. And so keeping things private and just having our own lives outside of social media [makes] it more of a true, meaningful relationship for us.”