Aaron Rodgers Taunts Travis Kelce Over Pfizer Commercial After Kansas City Chiefs Defeat New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers, Travis Kelce
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Aaron Rodgers is taking shots at Travis Kelce after the quarterback’s own controversy surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Rodgers, 39 — who is out for the rest of the 2023 season due to an Achilles injury — sat on the sidelines while the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, October 1. While Rodgers wasn’t on the field for the game, he did discuss his team’s 23-20 loss — and Kelce, 33 — during a post-game conversation. 

“[It was a] moral victory out there … that we hung with the champs and that our defense played well, and [Chiefs quarterback] Pat [Mahomes] didn’t have a crazy game, and Mr. Pfizer [Kelce], we kind of shut him down. He didn’t have his crazy impact game,” Rodgers quipped during the Tuesday, October 3, episode of “The Pat McAfee Show.” (Kelce was held to just six receptions and 60 yards, which is less than his averaged 78.) 

The Pfizer jab was in reference to Kelce’s recent commercial, where he teamed up with the biopharmaceutical company to urge the public to get their next COVID-19 booster. 

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“With my schedule, saving time is key,” Kelce wrote via Instagram last month alongside the ad. “The CDC says you can get this season’s updated COVID-19 shot when you get your flu shot if you’re due for both. That’s why I got two shots in one stop! Ask your doctor or pharmacist if it would be right for you. You can also visit CDC’s vaccines.gov to learn more and schedule an appointment.”

Rodgers, meanwhile, came under fire during his time with the Green Bay Packers in November 2021 when he tested positive for COVID-19 just months after telling reporters he was “immunized.”  

After news broke that he had contracted the virus, Rodgers claimed that he underwent his own protocol and treatments to “stimulate my immune system to create a defense against COVID” following his own “research” into the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rodgers also claimed that the NFL was aware of his vaccination status and was forced to wear a yellow wristband during practice and events with the team to identify that he hadn’t been vaccinated. “Some of the rules are not based in science at all. They’re based purely in trying to out and shame people,” he argued on “The Pat McAfee Show” in November 2021. “Personal health decisions should be private. The shaming and the outing … Everyone has their own story. This shamming, cancel society, that is wrong.”

Rodgers has since been traded to the Jets — who ironically are owned by Woody Johnson of Johnson & Johnson, a copmpany also offering COVID-19 vaccinations — but is sitting out due to the injury he sustained during his first game against the Buffalo Bills last month. The injury required an MRI, which confirmed that Rodgers wouldn’t be able to return to the field this season.

While Rodgers and Kelce — who has recently made headlines for his rumored fling with Taylor Swift (whose concert Rodgers happily attended over this summer) — don’t see eye to eye on healthcare, they seemingly are able to keep things civil. The pair could be seen chatting prior to Sunday’s Chiefs vs. Jets kickoff. 

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“I think some things need to be left on the field,” Rodgers said of the conversation during Tuesday’s “Pat McAfee” appearance. “It’s a better story, probably, left up to the imagination. I saw some different things on speculation about what we were talking about. But I’ve known him for a long time, it was just a quick chat.”

“He’s doing commercials for Pfizer, I’m sure he’s owning it,” he added.